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not just for restaurants anymore

Wood-burning...the term promises a simple, rustic and deeply-flavored product. Pizza is the number one food item in the world and wood-fired pizza is the hottest-growing trend in the pizza industry. The growing popularity of wood-fired pizza has much to do with the robust aroma, gentle flavors and scents that give wood-fired pizza its unique and distinctive flavor. Wood-fired ovens are alluring, yet intensely friendly, as nothing speaks of hearth and community as a lightly charred, crisp-crusted pizza. The heat and wonderful aroma of the oven warms any social gathering, bringing forth the best of human spirit through great food and delicate flavors. There's something so natural about a wood-burning oven that seems to ignite a desire to gather in a circle of family and friends. Wood-fired pizza was once limited to fine restaurants, until now...

The Solo Wood-Fired Pizza Cart is the world's only fully-patented mobile wood-fired pizza cart. Introduced at the Las Vegas Pizza Show in 2001, the Solo Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Cart has attracted attention world-wide as one of the most unique and innovative ideas of its kind!

"The ONE and ONLY Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Oven"

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